Motul is the first lubricant manufacturing company to produce fully synthetic engine oil. Engine oil is best to protect engine damage, increase engine performance and smooth flow of valve. There are 03 types of engine oil available in the market, those are mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic. Motul 5100 is semi synthetic engine oil. If you use this engine oil you will get good engine performance around 2200-2500 KM.

Motul 5100

Motul 10W40 suitable for:

  1. Yamaha.
  2. Suzuki.
  3. Benelli.
  4. Dayun.
  5. Lifan.
  6. Znen.
  7. Taro.

Motul 10W30 suitable for:

  1. Honda
  2. Hero Honda
  3. TVS




Motul 20W50 suitable for:

  1. KTM
  2. Bajaj





Motul 5100 Performance and Benefits:

01. Reduces engine vibration and noise.
02. Reinforce the life of gear and clutch.
03. Provides smooth clutch control.
04. Increase engines durability
05. Meets JASO MA2 and API SN specifications.
06. Improved shear resistance
07. Perfect for smooth ride
08. High performance additives.

Please remember before use engine oil pleas ensure that what engine oil grade is suitable for your motorcycle. This 5100 series meets all bike manufacturer specifications.