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Motul 3100 10W40 – Specifications & Price In Bangladesh

Motul 3100

Motul 3100 10W40 is a “Synthetic Blend” engine oil for motorcycles.Motul is the first lubricant manufacturing company who used Ester technology to produce fully synthetic engine oil. This Semi-Synthetic Lubricant helps to guarantee protection and life time of the gears. We use engine oil to protect engine damage, increase engine performance and smooth flow of valve control.

Three types of engine oil available in the market, which are mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic. Motul 3100 Gold 10W40 4T under “Synthetic Blend” engine oil. With this engine oil you will get good engine performance around 1200-1500 KM.

In Bangladesh Motul 3100 10W40 grade engine oil recommended for below mention brand motorcycle. Brands Name is:

  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Lifan
  • Dayun
  • Znen
  • Benelli

*** Please remember before use engine oil pleas ensure that what engine oil grade is suitable for your motorcycle.

Motul 7100

Motul 3100 10W40 “Synthetic Blend” engine oil Specifications & Properties:

           Brand                                                   Motul

           Model                                                   3100

           Colour                                                   Red

           Engine oil type                                     Semi Synthetic

           Viscosity                                               10W40

           API                                                         SL

           JASO                                                     MA2 4-Stroke moto

           Volume                                                 1 Liters

           Drain Period                                         1500+ km

           Viscosity at 100C (212F)                      ASTM D445: 14.3 mm²/s

           Density at 15C (59F)                            ASTM D1298: 0.871

           Price                                                      550 BDT

Performance and Benefits:

  1. Reduces engine vibration and noise.
    2. Reinforce the life of gear and clutch.
    3. Provides smooth clutch control.
    4. Increase engines durability
    5. Meets JASO MA2 and API SL specifications, oil consumption & fuel economy.
    6. Very good thermal resistance and stability.
    7. Optimize friction control.

Manufacturers Specs of Motul 3100 10W40 :

1. High performance 4 Stroke engine lubricant for your motorcycle.
2. Suitable for sports bikes, street & road bikes, trails, off road bikes, endure, Quads.
3. Wet or dry both clutch.
4. Integrated gearbox or not.
5. Friction control capability.
6. High detergent and dispersal properties to maintain engine cleanliness.
7. Anti corrosion and Anti-foam properties
8. Low traction coefficient Ester to minimize engine internal friction losses & improve performance.

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