Engine Oil, Motul Engine Oil

Motul – Best Motorcycle Engine Oil in Bangladesh


Motul has three types of engine oil available in the market which are mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic. Please remember before use engine oil pleas ensure that what engine oil grade is suitable for your motorcycle.

7100 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil – Price 1500/-

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Motul 5100 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil - Price 850/-

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3100 Technosynthese “Synthetic Blend” Engine Oil - Price 650/-

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3000 Mineral Engine Oil - Price 650/-

Motul Performance and Benefits:

1. Reduces engine vibration and noise.
2. Reinforce the life of gear and clutch.
3. Provides smooth clutch control.
4. Increase engines durability
5. Meets all specifications, oil consumption & fuel economy.
6. Very good thermal resistance and stability.
7. Optimize friction control.

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